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Wings of fury 2 - download of the day!

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Wings of Fury 2: Return of the legend "Enhanced"

Enhanced version is available for all donors (any amount) and supporters (i.e. translators). It comes as a small patch for WOF2 Return of the legend.
The following translations are already done: English, Polish, German, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), Greek, Hebrew, Portugal, Portugal (Brasil), Italian, Swedish and Nederlands. You are welcome to translate to any other languages. Translating is easy and straight forward. Just read the translation tutorial.

  • No ads
  • F4U Corsair, B25 Mitchell bomber - new planes!
  • New levels
  • New enemies (submarines, enemy bombers, AA-guns)
  • Survival game mode
Everyone who donates the project is entitled to be mentioned in the game credits.

If you want to donate click the button below:


If you want to get your Enhanced version:

Make sure that you have either donated or translated WOF2. Download Wings of Fury 2: Return of the legend, run it and click "Enhanced version" button at the main menu.

The page will popup. Fill out the form and you"ll get the "Enhanced" license for your machine (it cannot be moved around).